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    When Global Brigades was chartered in September 2010 at Queens College our vision was to bring a new light to Global Health Issues.

    Global Brigades\\\' mission is to bring Holistic Sustainable methods of development to countries around the world. What makes Global Brigades unique is not only that it is organized and run by student leaders, but also that its mission is to respect the local community and the culture of the people in the communities. Before entering the community, there must first be a consensus amongst the people before bringing in development programs.

    In January 2012, our organization embarked on our first Medical & Dental mission in Honduras with Global Brigades. With 28 students, 6 doctors and 2 dentists, within 4 days our group was able to provide basic medical care to more than 1,200 patients of Agaua Caliente.

    In January 2013, we embarked on our second Medical & Dental mission and first Public Health mission in Nicaragua. 19 Assisting local doctors and dentists in San Gabriel, we axamined and treated over 500 individuals witihin 4 days. Our group then traveled to El Limon, where we spent the next four days building houses, installing eco-friendly stoves, latrines and water storage units.

    For our 3rd Medical/Dental & 2nd Public Health Brigade, scheduled from January 13th - 19th, 2014, we hope to have a similar impact within Panama. This upcoming Brigade to Panama is unique because we will have the opportunity to combine both the Public Health and Medical/Dental Models to provide a more well rounded, holistic and sustainable system of development during our stay.

    Preparing for such a huge opportunity is a challenge, and as students we are prepared to do all that we can in order to bring Panama our best.

    We cannot reach our goal without the loving and meaningful support and donations of those that believe in our cause.

    This trip is a unique opportunity for students to gain greater awareness of the world around them. Queens is the most diverse county in the World, taking advantage of the amazing diversity that has shaped the culture of our campus, we hope to make this mission an unforgettable one, bringing one of the most culturally diverse group of students that will each have an intrinsically different experience and learn a different lesson.

    As one of the very few CUNY\\\'s with an established Global Brigades chapter, we hope to also make this a CUNY wide initiative in the future. With an excellent education at an affordable price, students are also given the chance to travel and make a profound impact on the world, as we are leaders of the future. We are learning so that we may serve.

    If you believe in our cause, and would like to make a contribution to our chapter or an individual, please click \\\"Donate.\\\" All donations are tax deductible.




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