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Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Since 2004, Global Brigades international affiliates have mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through nine skill-based service programs to improve quality of life in under resourced communities.

Engineering Brigades
Global Brigades offers 7-day Engineering Brigades throughout the year in Honduras. Engineering Brigades volunteers work with local engineers, technicians and community members to assess water problems
CA Referral Program
A sustainable component of the Medical Program to assist patients that cannot be serviced in our normal Medical Brigades Clinics.
Architecture Brigades
Architecture Brigade volunteers design and construct schools for communities through a 7 day Architecture Brigade in Honduras. Once a University Chapter expresses their interest, they will be provided
GB Conferences
Each year, Global Brigades chapters organize regional student leadership conferences to meet, present, and share best practices with their peers.
Human Rights Brigades
Human Rights Brigades volunteers work with Panamanian lawyers to provide pro-bono legal consulting through a 7 day brigade in Panama. Student volunteers can either join an existing chapter on their ca
Dental Brigades
In conjunction with, Medical Brigades, we travel to Central America to establish mobile dental clinics. Each of our community partners receives a brigade every 3-4 months where hundreds of patients ar
Business Brigades
Global Business Brigades (GBB) provides business consulting and strategic investment to support under resourced microenterprises in developing countries. Our current focus is in remote and rural commu
Water Brigades
Global Water Brigades (GWB) designs and implements water systems to prevent communicable illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. In-country team members work with water experts an
Microfinance Brigades
Volunteers on a Microfinance Brigade spend seven days in a rural community of Honduras. Prior to the brigade, GB staff trains community leaders who act as the executive board members of the community
Medical Brigades
Global Medical Brigades (GMB) develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief where there is limited access to healthcare. Our current focus is in Central America where more than 3,000 ann