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Start Date: Jan 26, 2015 11:00 PM
End Date: Jan 27, 2015 11:00 PM

Going back to our roots, the Advising Staff has decided to also participate in our very own brigade here in Nicaragua. We are fundraising our money, and exciting to work alongside our wonderful community members to make these projects happen. If you can help us fundraise our goal, that would be phenomenal and everyone here would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!

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Ariel Brenits

Passionate about: Traveling, Medicine, Global Brigades and inspiring others to join the global health and sustainable development movement!!!

Ben Case

Passionate about: Chapter Advisor for Global Brigades.

Ben Claxton

Passionate about: Chapter Advisor at Global Brigades. Passionate about sustainable healthcare and economic development

Carolyn Monteagudo

Passionate about: I am passionate about sustainable development and the holistic model that Global Brigades works through. I am inspired by the communities we work with and the work that we do together.

David Glaubke

Passionate about: Sustainable and holistic development in our communities.
Sarah M Donovan donated $75 2924 days ago
RLG International donated $100 2925 days ago
Timothy K. Cherney donated $10 2925 days ago
Joseph Rockwood donated $25 2929 days ago
Jill Firestone donated $100 2929 days ago

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