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    Tibetan Village Project (TVP) is a non profit, non-political organization that started in 2001 after the founder, Tamdin Wangdu, lost his father during the attempt to seek medical assistance in their village of Sihurong in the Kham and Amdo regions of Tibet.

    Run solely by Tibetans, TVP is dedicated to promoting sustainable development, medical development and entrepreneurship while preserving the rich cultural heritage of Tibet.

    Tamdin's initial project of bringing health care to rural Tibet has expanded its programs and grown into a multifaceted organization helping many villages. TVP now has programs supporting clinics, schools, and community projects in 3 Tibetan villages. Currently U Texas students are working with TVP on their latest endeavor of establishing clean water for Tibetans.

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U Texas water assessment trip to Tibet

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Students at the University of Texas and TVP have formed a team to help with TVP's latest endeavor of bringing clean water to rural villages in Tibet.

The goal of the initial trip is to assess the current water supply and purification situation and work with villagers to propose solutions. On the next trip we will be building a simple, cost effective way to deliver and purify water for families in Tibet.

To increase the success and sustainability of the project, TVP does not just give the village the new water infrastructure. Local families invest in the process to create a sense of ownership over the project.

While the goal is to make clean water accessible to rural villages in Tibet, the greater goal is to build a system Tibetans can replicate and empower Tibetans to create their own clean water supply.

The U Texas team will travel to Tibet in Summer 2013 to complete this first phase of the project.

Click here to watch a video detailing the design process for their sustainable water purification and conservation system: http://vimeo.com/64470572
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