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    Nova Southeastern University is a chapter of Global Legal Empowerment Brigades, an international movement of students and attorneys providing legal education and financial resources for vulnerable families to resolve legal challenges. We focus our work with women in remote, rural, and under resourced communities who would otherwise have limited to no access to legal resources. Volunteers facilitate legal clinics with lawyers to provide pro-bono consulting and the financial resources for community members to help resolve cases. nnIn conjunction with our Legal Empowerment Program, Global Brigades also supports communities with healthcare, economic development, clean water and sanitation projects, and uniquely implements these programs in a holistic model to meet a community’s health and economic goals. Our model systematically builds community ownership and collaboratively executes programs with the end goal of sustainably evolving to a relationship of impact monitoring. To learn more, please visit




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Nova Southeastern University Legal Empowerment TeleBrigade August 2022 Honduras

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Global Brigades offers Legal Empowerment TeleBrigades, a virtual international volunteer program for people who care about legal access and advocacy in under-resourced communities. During a Legal Empowerment TeleBrigade, participants have the opportunity to apply and build upon their legal advocacy and research skills, foster cultural competency through virtual immersion, and with the support of our local teams, Honduras law students, and lawyers create community education deliverables to increase legal understanding. TeleBrigades use virtual meeting software and on-the-ground legal professionals to facilitate a meaningful experience for both students and our clients. This innovative program incorporates live consultations, tangible consulting deliverables, and the opportunity for an affordable legal consultation to help clients resolve their cases, many of which have been stalled in the Honduran legal system through institutional inefficiencies and the prohibitively high costs of legal services.
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