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    Welcome to the fundraising website for Make A Dent, Inc (MAD). The purpose of our organization is to develop, sponsor, and execute outreach and humanitarian opportunities for dental health professionals and students locally and globally. We have been sponsoring trips mostly for the University of Southern California Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program (USC DHOP) over the past few years. With continued donations and grants, we hope to sponsor more dentists and students to provide free dental care throughout the world.

    In past years, we have helped underserved communities in the Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, Colombia, and Honduras where we have provided access to dental services such as fillings, extractions, and cleanings. During the most recent trip to Treasure Beach, Jamaica, the USC DHOP treated 325 patients and completed over 550 procedures, worth over $90,000 in dental services in four clinic days.

    We are humbly accepting donations in multiple forms: dental supplies and materials, equipment, monetary support, or the purchasing of our fundraiser products (more information to come). With your help we will be able to reach our goal of raising $50,000. Make A Dent, Inc is in the process of obtaining Federal Tax Exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3). MAD has been organized solely for public and charitable purposes.

    Please note that while MAD is pursuing its tax exempt status, donors may not claim a tax deduction for their contribution. Once MAD receives its tax exempt status, every contribution will be tax-deductible by the donor back to the date when it was originally made and all donors will be notified of that event.

    With your support, you will not only be helping provide dental services to an underserved community, but also advancing the growth of future dental professionals in the form of clinical and leadership experience. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via phone or email,


709 Shamrock Lane
Pismo Beach, California, United States

(213) 505-4276


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