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    GMT at California State University Northridge is an official affiliate of Global Medical Training, an international humanitarian organization that provides free medical and dental services to medically deprived communities throughout Central America. A prime corollary is offering healthcare students (at all levels) an eye-opening experience that will expand their understanding of medicine/dentistry and life outside of North America.




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GMT@CSUN - Nicaragua, Winter (01/11- 01/18/14)

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We will be traveling to Nicaragua to provide medical/dental/veterinary if applicable to underserved populations.
We utilize multiple clinic sites in various geographic locations, and travel considerably. These are moderately difficult trips. The students who participate in these trips are generally healthy, both emotionally and physically. In general, they possess a strong sense of personal spirituality and purpose, a confident awareness of their intellectual gifts, and a caring attitude. They seem particularly motivated to acquire special knowledge and skills, and a desire then to apply themselves actively to the service of others.

GMT physicians-dentists supervise all the healthcare aspects, see patients along with the students, and teach them by very active engagement in the total healthcare process. Professionals provide topical lectures, end of the day group sessions and spontaneous discussions about specific cases and general problems e.g. lack of basic disease prevention and public health measures, tropical diseases, lack of education, cultural aspects, poverty, etc. We discuss this especially within the context of healthcare professionals living on a planet with millions of people having minimal or no access to healthcare, widespread poverty, inadequate diets, unhealthy living conditions, and often-lacking humane treatment.

Please join us as a volunteer or help support our mission!

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