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    Germany Global Leadership Institutes is a chapter of Global Brigades, an international movement of students working alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health and economic systems. We work in remote, rural, and under resourced communities in Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Ghana. To learn more, please visit




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Germany Global Leadership Institute Panama August 2019

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Attending our Leadership Institute is your chance to experience a life changing opportunity abroad that will deepen your understanding of international development. Your journey won’t stop there! After getting a behind the scenes look at our programs, you will return home as an equipped leader with resources to grow the Global Brigades movement on your campus.

Global Brigades Leadership Institutes take place in each country and last for one week. Leadership Institutes are designed for passionate leaders who are interested in international development and looking to grow the Global Brigades movement on their campus. During the Institute, volunteers participate in health and economic development projects implemented by Global Brigades through our Holistic Model. Participants will network with Global Brigades staff, and go through leadership workshops that will enhance their strength as leaders and expand their ability to start Global Brigades Chapters on their campuses.

Volunteers do not pay to participate in a Leadership Institute. Instead, volunteers fundraise to support Global Brigades’ Holistic Model. Once a volunteer meets their Donation Goal, they are eligible to join us on-the-ground to see their fundraising efforts put into action by participating in a Leadership Institute.

When a volunteer participates in a Leadership Institute, the volunteer’s ground transportation, food, lodging, and emergency insurance are all covered. The funding that the volunteer raised also supports all the necessary costs for program implementation.

Airfare is not included in the standard Donation Goal. However, Global Brigades’ travel team can work with volunteers to book airfare and incorporate the airfare expense into the volunteer’s Donation Goal.

The Donation Goal for this Institute is €247 EUR, not including airfare.
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