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    Environmental Brigades at Portland State University is a chapter of Global Brigades, the world\'s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. The PSU chapter systematically works with more than 300 other university groups around the world to deliver and implement one of nine skill-based programs that benefit more than 130,000 Honduran and Panamanian community members annually. Environmental Brigades are 8-day experiences abroad that include hands-on work alongside community members to promote environmentally sustainable development. Environmental Brigades operate in Pagriculture, waste management, and environmental education.anama with a specific emphasis on reforestation, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and environmental education.




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June 2012 Portland State Environmental Brigade

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Environmental Brigades volunteers at Portland State University will spend 8 days in Panama working alongside families of a rural community called Piriati Embera. They will be working with families on an individual basis to assess the potential of increasing the amount of crop harvest while restoring ecological productivity of their land by mimicking the diversity and balance of plant life which exists in an healthy ecosystem. Brigaders will also work with families to educate them about the possibilities of diversifying their agricultural species and incorporating the use of organic fertilizers in order to boost soil nutrients naturally. Additionally, participants in the brigade will research into and share about alternative methods for dealing with trash in a rural setting through informative materials and fun, interactive workshops for all ages. A key component of brigade is to help raise the community's overall awareness of relevant environmental issues and their understanding of the repercussions of a degrading environment. With such projects taken on by brigaders from PSU and various university chapters month after month, student volunteers will be able to improve the environmental health of this community while ensuring positive, lasting changes for generations to come.
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