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End Date: Jan 1, 2017 10:30 PM

Thank you for your interest, compassion & continued support! With the generous help of donors like you, we are able to continue our work towards sustainable rebuilding solutions in rural Nepal communities. Every donation, be it $1 or $1000, is deeply appreciated and helps our work continue to grow. We are currently working in the village of Takure, located in the Nawalpur VDC of Sindhuaplchok, Nepal. Of the 241 houses in Takure, all but 1 house fell in last year's earthquakes. This area of Nepal was completely devastated and we believe Nepalis needed access to sustainable, earthquake resistant, and affordable building materials. Access to building materials in rural communities is in general very limited, thus rather than supplying materials from Kathmandu which would eventually run out, we wanted to provide a way for this community to rebuild using materials they could produce themselves.

Your donations are used to support our projects such as operation of the Takure Training and Production Center where we currently house the production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks, a sustainable, alternative building technology developed by Auroville Earth Institute in India. We have been producing earth blocks (CSEBs) since December 2015 for the purpose of rebuilding the local primary school. In April 2016, we will finish producing bricks for the school (approx. 16,000 bricks) and continue production for other projects in Fall 2016 such as a community center, tool library, and homes.

This Training Center will be a resource hub for people in the region, to access trainings on alternative building methods (earth blocks, rammed earth, cob), a tool library for locals, and the continued production of CSEBs. We will also teach and train people on building with bamboo and eventually would like to offer a method for bamboo treatment.

We invest in the local economy by using available building resources like locally grown bamboo and repurposed stones from collapsed buildings. We also provide food like rice, beans and vegetables purchased from local farmers to our volunteers and local staff. Your support makes every aspect of our work possible!

Please share word of Conscious Impact with your friends and family - and consider joining us as a volunteer in Nepal! Write to us if you have any questions at Namaste!

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Alyson Sagala

Passionate about: the fight for human rights, the empowerment of women, preserving our home on earth, and the cultivation of all forms of creativity that celebrate the resilience of the human soul.

Amy Blatz

Passionate about: I am passionate about community development, helping others, travel, art, yoga, adventure, the environment and learning! The purpose of this fundraiser is to contribute to the rebuild Nepal project... [Read More]

Beth Huggins

Passionate about: I have a Bachelors of Science in chemical, biomedical engineering and I want to use science and compassion to solve some of the world's deepest human problems. I am interested in sustainable and holis... [Read More]

Bethany Adams

Passionate about: I'm passionate about following my dreams and helping others is all apart of following my dreams. Whether what you do impacts one person or the whole world, I want to be someone who makes a difference,... [Read More]

Bryce Tanner

Passionate about: I am passionate about finding a balance between development and conservation. I believe that through sustainable building and agriculture we can improve the lives of every individual on the planet, wi... [Read More]

Chris Geck

Passionate about: That's a really good question, don't think I've ever thought about that. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about it but I like to paint and cook,especially for other people. Who knows maybe after my tri... [Read More]

Daniel Fiallos

Passionate about: On April 25th, 2015 Nepal was hit with one of the strongest and worst Earthquakes the world has ever felt. Thousands of innocent people were killed and even more were injured. Entire villages were wip... [Read More]

Ellen Gingell

Passionate about: i am very passionate about the world we live in as a whole, the world is very diverse in cultures, races and beliefs however what brings us all together is human compassion. You can live your life com... [Read More]
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