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    The Patient Referral program promotes sustainability of Global Brigades programs by ensuring that our patients receive necessary care at all times. This program assists with necessary medical care that falls outside the scope of brigades and facilitates the entire process of administering this care.




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Fundraising Campaign: Familia Barahona – Alonso

Fundraising Campaign: Familia Barahona – Alonso 's Logo

Fundraising Campaign Description
COMMUNITY: Mezcales, Catarranas
DIAGNOSTIC: Type 1 Diabetes

During a community health worker visit, we met this family the Barahona – Alonso’s, they live in the community of Mezcales, Cantarranas a community that is located about an hour away from Tegucigalpa. It has limited access and there is no public transportation in this area, therefore, people living here must walk long distances to catch a bus, buy groceries, or seek medical attention.
When we were going to their home, the difficult access to the community was evident, and we could see that there were almost no houses or any other buildings. They live in a small house that is still under construction and has no doors, windows, light, or water. It hasn’t been possible for them to finish the house because they don’t have the money to do so. There are 9 family members living in the house, 4 of them are kids who are currently in school, only two of the adults work in agriculture or other minor jobs they can find in the area and the rest of the family members have to stay home because of their medical condition.
Four members of this family have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, they have to visit the doctor for follow up and get medications for a month, sometimes they don’t have the money to pay for transportation so they can’t make it to the consult. Luckily for them they receive medication from the public hospital, but, whenever there is no medication at the hospital they have to buy it at a pharmacy. Insulin needs to be stored in a refrigerator, but they don’t even have electricity at their home so they store it in a clay vase with a little bit of ice.
It is our wish and desire to help this family, improve their living conditions. The global brigades staff is already working on this case, talking with other organizations and the city mayor. Our priority is getting electricity and water for them, they also need urgently a refrigerator. The funds we raise for this case will be used for their house.
Please consider donating to help the Barahona - Alonso family create a healthy living environment
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