Adom Grace Nyarkoh: Ghana Special Referral

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    Adom was first found at a bus stop in the Central Region completely abandoned and almost starving to death. Interns in the summer of 2012 immediately took her to Cape Coast Regional Hospital, where she was provided with life-saving care. Thank you to everyone who helped fund that care for Adom.

    When we first met Adom, she weighed no more than 40 pounds, yet was well over 4 feet tall. Additionally, she barely had use of her arms and was almost too weak to stand. With the amazing care doctors provided to her, she was nursed back to health and can now feed herself, walk on her own, and interact with those around her. She even remembers the faces of people she has met multiple times! Grace has made huge strides and is such an amazing, beautiful little girl.

    You can make a direct impact in Adom's life by contributing to the fundraising campaigns housed within this page.


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