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Adom Grace is a beautiful and sweet 10 year-old girl whose care is currently being coordinated by Global Brigades Ghana staff members.

She was found in late July 2012, wandering alone the marketplace of Ekumfi Essueyhia, looking for food. For at least a year prior, she had lived as an abandoned orphan, surviving on what scraps of food she was lucky enough to come across. Despite being nearly 5' tall, she weighed no more than 30 pounds.

Upon discovery, Adom spent one month in Cape Coast Regional Hospital being cared for under constant supervision, having her wounds treated and being provided proper nutrition. Grace has since been taken home to live with Maame Yaaba, her willing and loving caretaker.

Adom continues to improve with every passing day. At each visit by a Global Brigades staff member, her cheeks fill out a little bit, she looks a few pound heavier, she walks with more balance and has more strength in her grip.

Throughout all of her struggles, Adom has managed to be a sweet and innocent little girl. She is beautiful, and loving. When visited, she shows her appreciation by giving you a big smile, constantly holding your hand, and even cuddling up against you. She is a precious little human being.

However, Adom is at the beginning of a very long process of recovery and growth. She has a very long way to go. Right now we're in the process of evaluating Adom's short and long- term needs, and the resources necessary to meet those needs. Adom needs a permanent living situation, be it Maama Yaaba or some sort of children's home. Global Brigades is not able to take full responsibility for the girl's welfare, as their organization does not have connections or resources to take on a permanent case. They have offered assistance in getting the ball rolling, but we have a long way to go to keep this girl from returning to homelessness!

Keep checking this page as Global Brigades develops their Patient Referral System, striving for complete transparency with, and regular updates for donors and interested parties.

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