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Money Straight to Your Bank

As soon as you get a donation, you get it! Why have it any other way? We took out the middle man by creating a platform that allows your merchant processor to process funds directly into your bank account. No money touches! No more bulk donations sent to you by some other guy once a month with limited transparency and minimal accounting records.

Receive 100% of Donations, No Fees!

Online fundraising just became free. Our tools allow your organization to pass on all processing fees to donors to ensure 100% of funds go to your organization.

Ideal for Orgs with Many National Chapters OR a Single Group

Empowered was designed by a leadership team with the past experience of managing an international organization with 365 chapters around the world. Our platform will keep your organization connected to each of your groups, each volunteer and every donor. File sharing, detailed reporting, internal messaging and many more tools to grow your organization! If you’re a single group now, you don’t have to be. Rally more people around your cause by utilizing a platform that helps you scale.

Display Past Activity while You Promote New Ones

Once you’ve raised money or recruited for a volunteer activity and it’s done, why should it go off into Internet oblivion? Utilize a platform that allows you to display all your PAST activities while promoting ALL your UPCOMING activities. Show your donors and volunteer base how you’ve done in the past and what your new goals are. Start creating a track record!

Dynamic Group Creation and Volunteer Registration

Save hundreds of hours of administrative time manually creating volunteer activities, registering groups and volunteers. Why not have a platform that can scale? For organizations with many national groups or chapters, you can create your organization page where groups can register under you and begin implementing their volunteer and fundraising activities automatically.

Open, but Private

We keep your donor and volunteer data PRIVATE and will NEVER sell that information. We are safe, secure and allow you to create administrative rights any various levels of your pages at your own discretion.

Ideal for Fiscal Partner Organizations

If you are managing many different groups and would like to keep them centralized, but autonomous on one platform, we are for you. No other site allows you to collect money on behalf of your fiscal partners while giving them the ability to market themselves with their unique brand and personality. Keep good oversight while giving the freedom to scale.

Customizable Automatic Donation Receipts Sent from Your Org

A great tool for nonprofits. Since it is YOUR organization bank account connected to Empowered, YOUR donors receive customized automatic donation receipts that are from YOUR nonprofit organization, and not a middleman foundation.

No Need for Non-profit Status

Those that think only registered non-profits are making a difference, are not thinking big enough. Today, many social-enterprises are creating as much of an impact, so why isn’t there a fundraising platform that they can use? And many aspiring non-profits who don’t yet have their status are left with nothing to use. is open to any organization that has a bank account. The ONLY difference is that your donors may not be able to use their donation as a tax receipt.

The Most Functionality for the Least Cost

We want you to create as much social change as possible. That's why we're committed to the 'Most for Least' principle. We'll give you all the tools, resources and functionalities your group needs to accomplish your goals and create social good around the world. Meanwhile, we'll make sure that you can sign up, start your group page and use all the tools on Empowered. Only ~1-1.5% of donations processed goes towards Empowered (versus 5-8% from similar sites, who may also charge fees to use certain functionalities). And since Empowered is a social business, those funds all get directed back into improving and updating our platform. Giving you more, charging you less— is always working for you.

Get Your Donations Doubled!

With our partners at DonateDouble, we can provide automated employer matching service for all eligible USA-based donations. By adding this widget, your organization can enable donors that work for any of the 2,500+ partner companies have their donation automatically submitted for a possible match with just a check of a box upon checkout.

Fundraise For Airfare

Earn miles on your organization credit card and decentralize flight booking. With our partners at Fly for Good, your members can fundraise and pay for humanitarian rate airfare on Empowered with our Pay with Empowered functionality.

A Community Based on Communication

Our commitment to creating a true social action community starts with you. For Empowered to facilitate social change, you need to be a huge part of the process. As an Empowered member, you will always have an open dialogue to help us give you what you need. And that's why we're always giving you ways to be a part of the creative process: Post your ideas, feedback and suggestions for new tools in our Feedback box and we will turn it into real change.

A Team of Idealists

First and foremost, our community works to make the world a better place. We founded Empowered with the objective of empowering volunteers, activists and groups and that is our main objective. We care about helping you and fostering change in any place we can, and will put all of our energy into helping you do that. Keeping donation fees at the absolute low is one way. Keeping an ongoing dialogue with all the members in the Empowered community is another. In the end, we will do anything we can to give you what you need.

Open to 190 Countries

We believe in a world without boundaries and man-made borders. The result for donors: the ability to contribute directly to some of the best and most efficient non-profits no matter where they are geographically based. The impact on organizations: the ability to market directly to 190 countries for both donors and volunteers. Simply unprecedented.

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