Tasia Isbell

Houston, TX

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Health Inequality and Policy Issues in the United States and around the world.
I am passionate about understanding the impact of disparities on access to care and quality, global health, and the role of policy-making on healthcare systems domestically and globally.







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End Date: Mar 14, 2015 12:00 AM
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Medical Brigade volunteers will set up temporary clinics in pre-identified communities in Eastern Panama to provide healthcare where access is limited. Each community receives a brigade every 3-4 months. Students on the brigade are given the opportunity to shadow licensed health care professionals while learning about local Panamanian culture. A typical Medical/Dental Brigade clinic consists of six stations: Intake, Triage, Consultation, Dental, Charla (health education), and Pharmacy. Electronic patient records are collected during the brigade to ensure patient follow-up as well as to monitor overall community health trends. Between brigades, the in-country team maintains relationships with the communities to provide follow-up and conduct community health worker training aimed at empowering local leaders to perpetuate a consistent level of health care. For every student who volunteers on a Global Medical Brigade, sixty patients can see a doctor who otherwise would not be able to.

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