• About Global Connections Foundation Corporation (GCF)
    Global Connections Foundation (GCF) fosters global citizenship by advancing educational diplomacy through reflection and ethical action in local, national, and international communities.

    In an effort to build Global Bridges of Understanding, GCF shall endeavor to broaden high school students’ perspectives on educational diplomacy and global issues. GCF aims to develop student leadership in the collaboration and understanding of issues that deepen our role in the global village, and the coordination of student global activities. GCF provides a forum to enable students to discuss and develop practical strategies to engage other students around the world.

    GCF achieves this by engaging its members in global leadership responsibilities as well as requiring its members to commit to a strict guideline that ensures the development of a well-rounded student. Our goal is to help students and educators to go beyond the classroom and engage other students around the world to create a better world.


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