• About Service For Peace
    Service For Peace is an independent nonprofit organization providing service and learning opportunities through community projects which promote transformational and sustainable personal and community development throughout America and around the world.

    What we believe in: We believe that peace begins with the inner peace fostered by service to others and that active cooperation provides the foundation and the real hope for peace.

    Through our National Martin Luther King Jr. Season of Service and 40 Days of Peace campaign, we have recruited and mobilized over 250,000 volunteers who have done thousands of community service projects that help at-risk youth, schools, veterans and military families, and disadvantaged communities.

Leaders (5)

Daniel Phillips

Community Service, empowerment, health, creativity, self-reliance, and nature.

Joined May 08, 2014

Ken Hayes

Joined May 08, 2014

Logan Bell

I am passionate about Music. I want to create an art that people can enjoy and feel, while expressing myself. I also am passionate about helping others accomplish what they desire in life

Joined June 09, 2014

Peter Hayes

Soccer, Writing songs & playing guitar & Peace Making, Community building & Politics

Joined October 29, 2010

Phil Mlanda

Joined October 04, 2011